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Harry Johnson

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Recently I took a walk along my driveway to get my mail. As I was walking I looked around at my surroundings, thinking how beautiful the woods lining my driveway are. That made me realize how far I had come in life. At the age of thirteen, as a young man I had no idea where life would take me. From that point on I strived to learn skills and gain knowledge that would make my life easier, better and of course profitable.

Out into the world I went, working as a helper for carpenters, plumbers, electricians and mechanics. I had always been good with my hands and intellectually good at figuring out how things worked and go together.

From there I met my wonderful wife. So then using a culmination of my skills I built a home for my new wife and the family I wanted to start. Soon, I needed a new challenge to test my skills. I opened a successful auto body shop that I ran for several years until I realized that it was time to work with my mind not my hands. Here is where my life took a new direction.

With a new goal set before me, I thought of ways to lead a life of leisure and prosperity while all the time continuing to bring in a stable income for my family. Eventually I took my first trip to a foreign country, Mexico; it was a beautiful place that just made me want to travel more. Afterwards my wife and I traveled to Italy, then Australia, and now we are planning a trip to Hawaii and other wonderful places around the world.

I would now love to share with you the knowledge that I have gained from some of the people that I have met throughout this journey.